Thursday, December 1, 2016

Syllabus Advanced Grammar and Scratch - Creating with Code

Advanced Grammar and Scratch
Jasmin B. Cowin, Ed.D.
EF - Education First
University Preparation Program Spring 2017

Introduction Video

For my final project, I created a syllabus connecting Grammar with Scratch - Block based coding.
This course introduces students to Advanced Grammar and Grammar-Based Teaching (GBT) and Scratch, block-based coding with a focus on the concept that the English language consists of predictable patterns of what we see, hear, speak and read.  GBT helps learners discover the nature of language where students gain an understanding of Grammar concepts such as subordination and coordination;  nouns and adjectives, subjects and verbs, clauses and phrases.  Scratch, a block based, free coding program introduces computational and pattern thinking, analyzing subroutines, debugging, working in sequence, and creating unique projects.  It is the most accessible tool teaching computational thinking for the modern problem solver. The Scratch component will introduce fundamental concepts of block-based programming, including variables and assignment, sequential execution, selection, repetition, control abstraction, and data organization.

Syllabus: GBT and Scratch

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  1. Hi Jasmin,
    I liked your intro video. I viewed your Scratch remix about participles, but the text went by a little too quickly for me. I'm not sure how particular you are about spelling errors in work you share out with students, but I noticed that you spelled participle without an "i" in the title scene. I noticed another small typo on page one of the syllabus: Here['s] a paragraph from Charlotte’s Web...

    I am a stickler for proofreading, so forgive me if my feedback seems too critical.

    I wish you luck with your curriculum!