Friday, December 16, 2016

Arduino and LilyPad: Solving real-world problems with kids

For my project I will be be taking on the role of a 5th grade student solving a real-world problem.
As my personal learning project for my 5th Grade class, I propose a project attempting to solve a real-world problem. In my house we have a parakeet, Henry. Because Henry only eats the meat of the seeds and not the shells, and he discards the shells back into his dish, it’s impossible to tell at a glance if he has enough food or if his dish is full of empty shells.
The LilyPad has a variety of sensors available, one of which is a pressure sensor. As uneaten seed weighs more than seed hulls, I should be able to program it to light an LED when the weight of the dish falls under a desired limit.
I created a video which introduces this:

My Instructable link isn't working in the video, but it can be found here.

Finally, I am happy to share the full project on my blog.

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