Sunday, December 11, 2016

Raspberry Pi 3 Digital Photo Frame

Introduction Video

I enjoy taking pictures of our girls and nature and I love to see them on a photo album,  or hanging them in frames on the wall or on the shelves. I also like printing inspirational quotes or Bible verses and stick them on the wall. The result is that we ended up having too many photos that we have boxes of picture frames and photo albums when we moved. 

Since I already bought a raspberry pi 3 and a new 22" Samsung monitor, I searched for raspberry pi 3 projects online and found the Rpi3 Digital Photo Frame with sensor to be very interesting and doable for me as a beginner. I was first hesitant to pursue the project because I  don't have any experience with python programming but after exploring the exercises in perhaps I can do the project. So I used a USB drive instead of Flicker as my image source and perhaps later add a calendar and weather update along with the slideshow of photos. For a more detailed information on how to do this project please visit my blog at Marlboro

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